Ski Fashion: Making the Right Choice

woman wearing a white ski suit and googles

When the cold weather kicks in and snow begins to drop, it is time to go skiing for fun. An important consideration when skiing is having proper ski clothing. Your ski clothing should protect you from the biting cold without compromising your comfort during the sport. But what do you look for when you want to buy Bogner ski wear? Here are a few clothing tips to guide your search:

What Is Your Ultimate Look?

There are no specific fashion guidelines on what to wear when skiing. Ski clothing with basic and solid colors, such as blue, black, and green suggest that you are serious with skiing. People who love fashion can get ski clothing with more vibrant colors and print. Getting creative with the selection process will create a wonderful look.

Get a Versatile Ski Jacket

Ski jackets are essential clothing items for skiers. Skiing can be tiring, and you might need to take breaks in between the ski sessions. Look for a jacket that you can wear when skiing and during the breaks. That will make it unnecessary to carry extra clothing when going to the slopes. These jackets are available in fitting forms and unique designs.


It is advisable to layer your clothing items when going skiing. The first layer is the base layer, and then the mid-layer follows. Lastly, you need an outer layer to waterproof the overall look. When you layer your clothing, you are making preparations for the temperature fluctuations throughout the day. Even with the many layers to put on, remember to pick versatile and fashionable pieces.

Match Clothing with Ski Equipment

Once you have picked out the clothing you want to purchase, keep in mind that your look includes the ski boots and ski equipment. If you have your ski equipment, making this choice is not hard as you know the color of the ski equipment. However, if you rent your ski equipment, ski rental equipment is available in many colors, and matching with your outfit will not be a task.


Isn’t it wonderful what accessories can do to a complete outfit? The outfit can be basic and upon accessorizing becomes something different. Goggles are the most common accessories that skiers add to their outfit for the extra glam. Goggles transform the look of an outfit without too much effort. Note that the lens color of the goggles will affect your vision, so make the right choice.

Functionality and Fashion Go Hand in Hand

group of friends in their ski suits

You can put too much focus on looking fashionable on the snow-covered slopes and forget the functionality of the ski clothing. Ski clothing should be comfortable to wear and move in and protect you against the harsh weather elements. The wrong choice of clothing regarding functionality will overrun the fashion statement of the clothing item.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for when shopping for Bogner ski wear, it is essential to consider the fact that safety is a priority. No matter how fashionable you look when skiing, the story will be different if you fall and your head is not protected. Therefore, let safety be your greatest consideration when picking out your outfits.

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