What Makes Pole Dancing a Great Form of Exercise?

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Pole dancing is a competitive sport that has gained popularity for being an intense workout. In the past, pole dancing didn’t have a very good reputation. It was stereotyped as part of adult entertainment clubs.

Fortunately, pole dancing has risen above that and is now practiced by both performers and professionals. It has also been recognized as an effective exercise that offers the body a full workout and a great opportunity to lose weight.

Because it is a form of dance, both men and women find it an enjoyable and fun activity. It’s a demanding form of exercise that requires months of training and practice to get right. Here are a few reasons why you should give it a try, too.

It is a fun way to lose weight

There’s no discounting the fact that pole dancing will help you lose weight. One session can burn up to 250 calories while challenging almost all muscle groups. And while it may be true that dancing in stilettos is part of the challenge, you’re sure to break a good sweat with each session.

Pole dancing is said to have helped individuals drop as much as 40 to 50 pounds in six months. Best of all, the workout leaves you with well-defined curves and toned muscles. You’ll finally have those washboard abs without having to do 1,000 crunches a day.

Unlike weight training, you will be mostly lifting your own body weight when you do pole dancing. Pole dancers support their entire weight with just one arm and develop their core muscles. Their quadriceps and triceps are also trained when gripping the pole and hanging in mid-air.

It boosts stamina and flexibility


Pole dancers train for hours on end like athletes. The warm-ups alone require a lot of stretching to prepare the body for the intense activity. In Phoenix, pole dancers stay at dance studios for up to 8 hours to train. This is crucial before a competition or when a dancer is trying to learn a new routine. This builds endurance and stamina due to the long hours of continued physical activity.

Besides doing splits and backbends, pole dancers also need to work on their coordination, balance and range of motion. It is usual for them to get bruises and bumps while in the initial stages of training.

It builds a healthy self-image

Most women who have had children, gained weight or not gone out in a long while feel shy and insecure about how they look. Trying pole dancing helps them regain that lost confidence real fast because of the massive release of endorphins.

Additionally, women see results and an improvement in how their clothes fit in just a couple of weeks. Because of the exercise, their skin looks better too, and this is enough for people at their place of work or home to notice.

The workout also gives women more energy, improves their focus and attention and generally makes them feel like they can accomplish anything. Feeling sexy and attractive is just a happy bonus.

So, if you’re not the outdoors type but you want to do something about your weight or start exercising again, give pole dancing classes a try and see how much you change in a few weeks.

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