If You’re Bored At Home, These Hobbies Are The Best Solutions

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Let’s face it, no amount of binge-watching Netflix series, Anime, and YouTube videos could ever fill the void of going outside, being with friends, and having all sorts of fun. There’s just a certain unique touch to these activities. They feel alive and, more importantly, you’re not sitting around or spending hours on your couch.

However, most people fail to realize that there are activities and hobbies they can get into while following safety measures and social distancing rules. So, we think it’s about time that we shift away from looking at the outside world as someplace of doom and gloom and adapt our methods of fun to the new normal.

We All Deserve To Have A Bit Of Fun

Of course, the number one requirement for each of these hobbies below is that they’ll help you steer clear from people and lessen all forms of contact as much as possible. And, we expect you to do your part and be responsible for following health and safety guidelines. We all deserve fun but know the limitations of the new normal.

#1 Embrace Nature And Go Hiking

If there’s one thing that we wish most people would do more often, it’s the act of embracing nature and going hiking. Nothing beats a breath of fresh air, walking along a trail, and getting to see beautiful views, not through a screen, but with your own two eyes. And, when it comes to staying safe, there are plenty of less popular hiking areas that you can explore and call your own! So, get out there and feed your wanderlust.

  • Perfect For Vlogging: Apart from being an awesome and active hobby, it also gives you the opportunity to start a vlog and get an influencer-like following online. By simply recording and uploading your personal experiences with nature, people would crave to see every adventure you go on, and you can even turn that into a potential stream of income.
  • Reduces Screen Time: Look, we spend way too much time on our phones, laptops, and TV screens, and by simply getting out and thrusting our souls into nature, we can greatly reduce our screen time. Hiking won’t only give you health benefits but be therapeutic for the mind that’s spent way too much scrolling on social media.

#2 Awaken Your Inner Angler

If hiking isn’t much of your style, but you would still prefer something that brings you closer to nature, then we strongly recommend you to try fishing and to awaken your inner angler. Movies tend to portray fishing as some sort of bonding activity between son and father, but it’s more than that if you give it a chance. Plus, if you stay at least at a fishing rod’s length between other people, you could head to the closest pontoon boat shop and even bring your friends over for some fun.

man fishing in the lake

  • Delicious Fresh Food: One of the advantages of finishing is that you get to eat your catch, which gives you plenty of delicious fresh food to try. You could even use this as an opportunity to improve your cooking skills and master every recipe there is to learn. So, you’re sort of hitting two birds with one stone by just bringing out the fishing rod.
  • Very Fulfilling: Unless you’ve ever tried reeling in a big one after a long battle of pulling and throttling, you will never understand what true fulfillment feels like. And, if you’ve been craving for something intense and to get your blood pumping, then fishing is definitely a great hobby to try. It trains your patience, perseverance and makes your coordination go through the roof.

#3 Start Reading And Writing

Sometimes we all need to kick back and practice introspection, and if you’re looking to clear your thoughts, bring life to a whole new mindset, or maybe get the brain juices flowing, then you should try your hand at writing and reading more. Sure, it’s not a novel concept, nor is it as adrenaline-inducing as rock-climbing, but we all need different things at different times of our life. And, we can’t deny that a good book can teach a life’s worth of lessons.

  • Indie Writer: Once you get the hang of reading and writing, you could give becoming an indie writer a shot. Many people get the misconception that you need a big publishing company to get anywhere in the literary world, but there are plenty of self-publishing authors out there doing good for themselves.

Find Your Fun

Overall, while all the hobbies mentioned above are perfect candidates to become your 2021 goal, please don’t feel pressured to try them all because what matters is finding your fun. Remember, a hobby something you’re passionate about and makes you happy, so there’s no need to force any of these choices on yourself. However, when we say that you won’t regret trying them, we really mean it.

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