How to Encourage Your Teen to Be Physically Active


As most kids reach their adolescent years, most of them start to lose interest in engaging in physical activities. Between doing school work, mingling with friends, and even part-time jobs, they already have many things in mind that sports engagement is often the last one that gets prioritized.

However, regular physical activities can help your child feel more vigorous while boosting their focus. It can even help them build a better outlook, too. Even more, teens can maintain their ideal healthy weight and protect them from developing any heart complications and other medical issues as he or she grows. But how do you encourage them to get physically active, especially now that movement has become extremely limited because of the virus?

Take things slowly

Teens who aren’t used to doing physical activities may be willing to do a couple of routines before deciding to quit. That’s why experts encourage people to start with little steps until they get comfortable with it. You can begin by doing a 15-minute walk each day after school. Then, if the thought of it seems to overwhelm them, you can do it every other day. You can add more time spent walking as each day progresses and track them to see their progress.

Setting short yet attainable goals is essential to teens. So, seeing their progress helps improve their motivation to do some more. You can even set up a deal with them about racking up more time spent doing a couple more exercises to get some rewards.

Be a role model

It’s hard to motivate a teen if you don’t set up an excellent example for them. So, try to be a good role model for them, especially when you’re at home. Remember that every teen spends more time in front of the computer or TV instead of getting active. That’s why experts recommend limiting their gadget use to at least 2 hours a day to allow them to do some physical activity. And the best way to do it is to set a good example.

Even if your teen feels reluctant to do some form of exercise during their gadget time, they’ll undoubtedly notice if you do. You can do some routine activities while watching your favorite TV show. Doing so will help them get motivated to follow.

basketball game

Make it enjoyable

The best exercise activities are the ones that your teen will do. So, consider involving the activities that they’re interested in and see how it goes. Does your teen like animals and nature? You can consider going camping or hiking to get them involved in various outdoor activities. You can even come up with multiple fundraising ideas for high school sports if they’re into it, too. Keep in mind that any activity that can cause them to move away from the couch counts. So, it’s ideal to develop other ideas to encourage them to move around.

During these times, when there’s a rampant virus threatening everyone’s health, staying fit is essential. So, it’s best to encourage your teen to stay physically active even when they’re at home. You can do regular exercises together to help them meet the emotional and physical challenges each day to help them stay fit.

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