Democrats Want Stricter Gun Laws in Michigan

Law and order

Democrats are at it again. They want to take away your guns and their excuse this time is to prevent you from harming yourself or others. This is especially dangerous, considering what Leftists consider as constituting harm.

Minority Report in Michigan

Democrats in Michigan are introducing a bill that will enable the State to take away your guns if it considers you a threat to yourself or others. You do not need to commit any crime or take any violent action as long as you are perceived to be a threat. If your neighbor thinks that your guns are scary, they’re gone! Democrats aren’t even focusing on “military-style” — or what they consider as “assault” rifles — they’re going for everything. They want your handguns, shotguns, even the guns you bought in hunting stores. You will lose your ability to defend yourself and your property because someone feels threatened. The burden of proof will be on you. You will have to prove that you and your guns are not a threat to those around you, which is almost impossible if you live beside a gun-hating Democrat. This legislation will put someone’s feelings above the Second Amendment, which is not entirely surprising because Democrats are also legislating bills that would put someone’s feelings above the First Amendment.

Leftist Definition of Harm in the Time of Trump

Since the election of President Trump, Democrats — or at least their leaders — have veered widely to the left, often espousing extreme positions. They have equated words to violence, and they have used this to justify silencing — and even assaulting — Conservatives. To Democrats and Leftists, merely disagreeing with them is abuse. When Republicans called out Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her anti-Semitic words, Democrats said they were putting her life at risk and that criticizing her was akin to threatening her life. Leftists are so quickly “triggered,” they consider the American flag as a harmful symbol. This absurd definition of harm permeates Leftist society. When that same standard is applied to gun laws, Democrats will get to pick who gets to keep their guns.

Preventing Suicides

gun suicide

More than half of all suicides in the U.S involve the use of firearms. However, taking away those firearms won’t necessarily eliminate the risk of suicides. Japan has stringent gun control laws, and almost no civilians have firearms, but Japan’s suicide rate is still higher than the U.S. If a person is committed to ending his own life, depriving him of his gun won’t make a difference. Family support and intervention is a much more effective way of addressing the problem. It is better to solve the underlying issues and the reasons that can drive a person to end his life rather than the means. Reporting family members and depriving them of their guns rather than talking to them about their problems is not a solution; it’s a cop-out.

The Democrats will do all they can to get rid of the Second Amendment. They want all the guns to be in the hands of the government, and if they’re successful, you know those guns will be pointed at you.

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