How to Enjoy Fishing with Your Family

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If you want to take the family out for a day of fishing, a fishing boat simply won’t do. A pontoon boat is a better choice, and it has a multitude of superior features. Grab your fishing gear and try fishing with the family in Lake Michigan.

Smooth Sailing

Standard fishing boats can be faster and more agile on the water, but they could leave the kids shaken, bruised, and vomiting in your boat — that’s if they don’t get thrown overboard. Pontoons are a little slower, but they provide a smoother and less bumpy ride. When you’re bringing along kids (especially young ones), keeping them comfortable is one of the critical factors in making a trip enjoyable.

They’re more likely to agree to more fishing trips and maybe pick up the sport if they feel comfortable on the boat. If you still want a little bit of speed, you might want to get a tritoon (a pontoon boat with three hulls). It rests higher on the water, making your ride smoother and faster.

Make Room

Space is another feature that makes pontoons more comfortable than regular fishing boats. Pontoon boats can comfortably accommodate 8-12 people. Your kids can lounge around, read books, or play card games while waiting for fish to bite. You can install a roof to keep them in the shade and maybe a portable toilet.

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Make your trip a bit more fun with a built-in barbecue grill where you can instantly cook your catch (or maybe bring some of the kids’ favorites). You can even ask your kids to invite some of their friends along, but do it after 2-3 trips so your kids can show off their knowledge and be a somewhat mentor to their friends.

It’s an Entertainment Platform

Break the monotony of fishing by taking the family out for a day of fun on the lake. Equip everyone with life jackets and make the lake their playground. Install a water slide and watch your kids fly into the water. Deploy a floating mat (tethered, of course) and watch the kids play around.

If they’re more adventurous, your younger kids might enjoy thrilling rides on a tube while your older kids can have a go at wakeboarding. Let them bring a few friends along, and they will sing praises of how great you are.

And Yes, You Can Still Fish

Just a few modifications can make your pontoon a serious fishing vessel. Swiveling corner seats put you at the heart of the action, and slots and holders can free your hand if the fish are taking their time to bite. Add a couple of livewells for your catch and a cooler so that you can enjoy a couple of beers when you’re fishing with your buddies. Get your game on with depth and fish finders that make it easier to track your target.

The Great Lakes is a great place to go fishing, and a pontoon boat can make it a much more enjoyable experience for your kids. Grab your fishing gear, snacks, and maybe an inflatable slide while you’re at it.

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