Eight Special Gift Ideas for Young Rugby Fans

Are your children passionate rugby fans, or just getting into the sport? The recent World Cup fever may have abated for casual fans, but this may be the perfect time for you to foster their interest in this great English game.

It’s never too early for kids to get involved in outdoor play and physical exercise. Whether it’s for the holiday season, an upcoming birthday, or just a special surprise, here are some gift ideas for the young rugby fan in your life.


A youth-oriented rugby magazine will provide fun and interesting information about the sport for boys and girls alike. Encourage their interest on a regular basis – get your young athlete-in-the-making a rugby magazine subscription for monthly updates on youth events and curated advice and support articles.

Personalized ball

Whether for display or actual play, a personalized rugby ball can quickly become a young fan’s favorite possession. The unique look could prove helpful if it ever gets misplaced, too. Suppliers may allow you to customize balls with their name, or perhaps the logos or colors of their favorite club or national team.

Team gear

Sure, kids are going to grow out of them eventually. But give them some team gear, and that rugby kit will see serious use for as long as it fits. For the long term, scarves, hats, and backpacks will take longer to outgrow and thus prove useful for many years.


Kids can have an amazing capacity for facts. Give them a rugby almanac and you’ll be astounded at how quickly they learn the details of the sport’s records and history. For more mature youths, try to expand their reading horizons with novels that tie in to history, such as The Final Whistle: The Great War in Fifteen Players, or Playing the Enemy (later adapted into the acclaimed movie Invictus).

World cup items

Perhaps your child didn’t get to see the 2019 World Cup firsthand? No matter where you were enjoying the spectacle from, you can let them relive their favorite moments with the right memorabilia while it’s still available for purchase from the official store.

rugby player

Street wear

Make no mistake, rugby shirts aren’t just limited to wearing on the pitch. Let your kid indulge their inner fashionista with a street wear outfit to complement their team colors. A sport jacket and chinos, or full black leather and boots, are just some starter ideas.

Posters and art

Every child loves to customize their room. They fill it with things that express their personality, and surround themselves with their interests. You can’t go wrong with a poster of their favorite player or club. Bonus points for a bit of creativity if you can find one rendered in an art style they love, rather than just a regular photograph.

Rugby video games

There’s no doubt kids are better off playing on the pitch than playing from the couch, but sometimes you can learn even more about the game with the sort of big-picture, organizational view that good sports video games provide. Plus, having a rugby video game at home means that it doesn’t have to be game over in bad weather or when it gets dark.

When kids express their interest in a sport, it’s your cue to be supportive! Let these ideas kick-start your gift shopping online or in-store.

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