General Haunt 2013 Update

I’m guessing that many of you at this point have heard the news that Knott’s has announced their Haunt lineup for the 2013 season. With that said, we feel as though a Public Service Announcement is in order so we can get mildly excited for the Haunt this year. So hit the recline button on the Lazy-Boy, grab a cup of Kati-Kati, and get ready for the General Haunt 2013 Update.

ImageMmm. Corn. 

One of the most significant updates that we can give is about the general infrastructure of the Haunt itself. Traditionally, numerous managers/directors of fill in the blank departments have been assigned to either design or manage specific mazes or zones. This year, the tables have turned quite radically and now we have something called the Haunt Department. Radical concept, is it not?

The Haunt Department (from the looks of it) seems to be in charge of conceptual design, budget allocation, etcetera. These folks don’t work year round, but they’re working quite diligently at the moment preparing the Haunt to be the best it has ever been. Praise Carnage & pass the coffee – WE HAVE PROGRESS.

With that understood, you all must be bouncing your knees giddily in anticipation of what will be new for the 2013 season. First off, we cannot officially release anything (given we’re not the park) and second off, we aren’t in any position to release anything (given we like the park & think we have a somewhat solid relationship with the folks at the park). We can tell you that there will be new mazes and/or zones, and that the work that is going into said mazes is more extensive than it has been in years past. Concept design, visual artwork, blueprints (what a concept), and haunt imagineering is in the works, and I’m sure the Haunt Department can’t wait for guests to pour through the front gates to see their works of art.

Given that we cannot officially make any statements, let’s review what is happening around the park so you folks can piece the puzzle together yourselves.

  • Carnage props are all out in Picnic Cove’s massive shelter & have been there all season. Have not moved, have not been touched. Other props? Not so much the case.
  • CarnEvil’s spinning tunnel has been disassembled and is lying near Supercat. Traditionally the spinning tunnel has stayed up throughout the entire season.
  • The Games Warehouse (Where CarnEvil has been located for the past 6 years) has been seen open, and workers have been spotted relocating props to a shed, and a new trailer that lies behind Supercat.
  • Camp Wekilou is still all put together & creepy.
  • Asylum Props are laying out behind Ben & Jerry’s.
  • Bloodshed Props are behind the Games Midway.

If you can’t deduct a few significant clues from those blatantly obvious tidbits, ask the person next to you to explain what’s happening (if you don’t have someone next to you, then go find someone and have them explain it (better yet don’t, they probably won’t know either)).

From what we’ve heard, along with new mazes/zones, there will also apparently be a new show or two. It seems that either the Galaxy or Peanuts Showplace Haunt Shows change every year, or every other year; thus we can deduce that one of them is most likely changing.

As soon as more happens, we’ll be sure to let you folks know. Keep your eyes peeled, feel free to comment/tweet at us with updates, and stay tuned!