Opening Day 2014




Yes, our familiar friends, Opening Day 2014 has arrived. The gates shall open, the people shall pass through the turnstiles, Caribou Coffee shall be ordered, Route 76 shall be opened, new food shall be tried, trims shall be turned on excessively high, little things here and there shall not be ready, wonder shall fill our minds as we gaze at the gaping void where IMAX stood, and we shall make new memories, for the 2014 is upon us. 

Due to unfortunate circumstances that preclude our attendance of Opening Day 2014, if you would like us to post any photos from today, feel free to tweet at us (@Valleyfairzone) and we’ll throw them on the page, giving credit where it is due. We hope the weather stays nice, and that everyone has a great Opening Day 2014!

One thought on “Opening Day 2014

  1. Valleyfair’s opening day way awesome, the crew at valleyfair had lots of energy ( shout out to the games section) I think Mr. Frazier really hit a home run with route 76, it is awesome at night and northern lights was surprisingly fun. I would like to see renegade get some more theming though because I see alot of potential there, I think a sound system up wild thing’s lift would be awesome, but over route 76 is a awesome addition to valleyfair.

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